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Brief description of the Exchase project

Exchase is an innovative ecosystem of fintech services, which includes a trading platform (forex and crypto exchange), a payment system and an instant payment service, social trading (PAMM accounts), an exchanger, including a decentralized exchange (DEX) and binary options trading service. In the near future, the platform will have a number of new crypto services, including staking, custody, cryptocurrency hedge fund functionality, as well as a functional extension of social trading to a full-fledged social network for traders. Next year, Exchase account holders will receive a personalized branded debit card with a credit limit, which can be used to pay for goods and services in crypto and fiat at a favorable rate.

Using our own unique high-tech solutions, we have combined into one platform many popular services provided by some players in the crypto market and the classic fintech market. Thus, having a single account for all these services, the user saves significant amounts due to the circulation of funds when using them, since the platform charges a zero commission on such a transfer of funds.

As part of the Q4 2020 - Q1 2021 crowdsale campaign, 200 million EXSE tokens of the ERC-20 standard will be issued. This emission will be fixed, and in order to further maintain the EXSE rate, in agreement with the investor community, tokens will be burned at a given frequency. In addition, the tokens used by traders to reduce trading commissions will definitely be burned. The EXSE token, in addition to performing its basic function as an investment object, will allow its holders to save on commissions when performing trading operations on the Exchase platform within four years from the moment of its launch, as well as receive bonuses from referrals.

The uniqueness of the project?

Unified ecosystem

The platform combines a cryptocurrency exchange, a wallet for storing cryptoassets, binary options, social trading, and a money transfer system. All this is available using a single account.

Finished working product

We have already launched a cryptocurrency exchange based on the B-book model. A-Book model, social trading, P2P, and OTC transactions are in the final stages of development and testing. New product launches are planned for 2021.

Legal service

Exchase OÜ intends to carry out its activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as obtain the necessary licenses and permits to carry out legal activities.

Safe storage of assets

A special place in the project is given to the security of funds and personal data of platform users. The developers of the project used modern methods of encryption and protection against theft of assets from users' wallets.

Modern development stack

Our team consists of young and ambitious developers. The platform is written in .NET Core 3.1 and React. Native mobile apps for iOS (Swift) and Android (Java).

EXSE token

EXSE tokens of the Exchase platform are limited to an issue of 200 million coins. There will be no additional token emissions. Tokens generated by the platform when users use them to reduce fees will be burned.

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Exchase platform offers

Quality trading

Your asset trading does not take place in isolation, that is, against the market or an unnamed mass of other traders. You trade within the economy, and even a drawdown adds your rating if you are an active economic agent.


We have collected the most popular services and technologies of our time in a single ecosystem. You no longer need to search for each of these opportunities separately and face a new risk each time.

Our mission

We are bringing new economic relations that could not have taken place in the societies of the old format. Your financial profit or even just active attempts to achieve it now also give you social benefits.

Account as a passport

A single user account for all services of the Exchase platform. Any transfer of funds between services is free for you, you use all of them at the same time and rely on your full budget, not split between accounts.

Token distribution diagram
of the Exchase project

  • 100.000.000 tokens

    Available in crowdsale

  • 50.000.000 tokens

    To promote the brand and globalize the platform

  • 15.000.000 tokens

    Reserve fund

  • 35.000.000 tokens

    For the development and modernization of the ecosystem

Our services

Cryptocurrency exchange


Margin trading






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Money transfer system


Binary options


Social trading


Crypto loans


P2P Exchange


OTC Trading


Project Road Map

  • Obtaining a license to work with virtual assets (cryptocurrency license).

  • Connection of liquidity providers, as part of the A-Book model implementation.

  • Deploy Android version to Google PlayMarket.

  • Deploy iOS version in AppStore.

  • Obtaining a license from the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.

  • Obtaining additional crypto licenses for custody and exchange operations.

  • Connecting the SMS aggregator.

  • Legalization of the company. Permits package.

  • Obtaining a Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) license

  • Obtaining a Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) license

  • Implementation of the international payments system

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Affiliate program

  • Easy integration: Instant connection to the platform via API.
  • Fast payments: Payments are made in EXSE tokens.
  • Reliable income: Getting a high and stable income is guaranteed by a smart contract.
  • Profit distribution: Up to 50% of the user's commission is earned by the partner.
  • Customization: White Label.
  • Flexible system: Integration with third party platforms and applications.


We are open to forging new relationships and strengthening old ones.

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